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As a Member, Ambassador, Board Member, Volunteer and Friend of the Sanger Chamber of Commerce, I will now be adding another title as “Your Gal About Town”… bringing you breaking news articles, fun facts, upcoming events and some fun and quirky trivia.  And every now and then I will be including pictures of interesting local citizens and events.

I was introduced to the world of The Sanger Chamber of Commerce some 60+ years ago when my Mom, Ellie Gumber was Executive Secretary to Executive Director Norm Holt.  At that time in Sanger History, The Chamber was located in the basement of the Sanger Branch Library on the northwest corner of 7th and “O” Streets.  It was a beautiful red brick Carnegie Building that housed grand old oak library tables, chairs and benches and shelves of books that reached the ceiling … oh, and a wonderful Librarian named Miss Warner.  Some days after school I would somehow get downtown and bound downstairs to visit my Mom and then spend wonderful hours upstairs with my sisters and friends until it was time to go home.  I like to think that my Mom helped to shape our present-day City into the growing, progressive and visionary 21st century Community we have become.  So you see, even in the 1950’s The Chamber played an important role in our then much smaller town.

On to present day:  we are all relieved that the weather is changing and we will very soon be ushering in September.  And you all know The Chamber will be hosting the 2018 Sanger Chamber of Commerce Street Faire and Farmer’s Markets!  Get ready for the bounty that our Local Farmers will bring for you to buy … at very reasonable prices … to take home for your families to enjoy!  Or, how about a great CAR SHOW with proud owners puffing out their chests!  Oh, and don’t forget about the FOOD BOOTHS; oh my goodness, the food booths!  The Chamber finds and invites the best and most requested vendors in the valley.  And if you are looking for Community Organizations, clothes, jewelry, candles, homemade jams and jellies, make-up, plants and fresh flowers, face painting, art, live Bands that will rock your world, or just friendly faces…well, then mark your calendars for every Saturday Night in September for the Sanger Chamber of Commerce Street Faire and Farmer’s Markets.  Hours are 5:00 – 9:00 PM.  Rain (yeah, right!). Or Shine!

If you are interested in other upcoming events or would like to submit ideas or a story of interest please call me, Sharri Gumber-Carter at The Chamber (559) 875-4575.

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Sharri , Gal About Town

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