Membership Benefits

Discover all the benefits of being part of Sanger Chamber of Commerce

Benefits of Joining the Sanger Chamber of Commerce:

The Sanger Chamber of Commerce is proactive, customer-oriented organization that serves 1,000 businesses, of all types and sizes, throughout the City of Sanger and Fresno County. The benefits of membership are real and valuable. They are designed to help you promote your business and attract customers, help you cut costs and save money, provide you with important business and community information, and grow your local marketplace and customer base. In addition to our member benefit programs, the Chamber consistently pursues a wide variety of other programs that serve and support members and the community. The Chamber organizes numerous meeting sand special events that provide opportunities for involvement and networking. All in all, the Chamber is a highly active organization, involved extensively in local community affairs and in helping make Sanger the best place to live and work. Be a part of our Chamber family and start reaping the benefits of Chamber membership today!


A City Prospers by Community-Wide Cooperation

There is a place for every business and professional person in the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber provides the necessary channel through which action can be taken to improve and build the community. And, it develops constructive leadership in our community.

Direct Benefits of the Sanger Chamber of Commerce Membership

Business Directory

  • Published every year.

Newsletter (updating and starting to process for distribution)

  • Chamber Newsletters are mailed out to 250 quarterly
    First ad/flyer in Newsletter is free! (You must supply the flyers or the ad)
    $25.00 per ad/flyer thereafter.

Sponsorship of Project

  • Projects open for advertising: Oktoberfest, Nation’s Christmas Tree Events, Blossom Day Festival, Awards Banquet and Halloween events
    Networking Opportunity
  • Business After Hours Mixers – Monthly.
  • Small Business Seminars.
  • Annual Awards Banquet in April.
  • Chamber Ambassadors
  • Front Office
  • Business flyer displayed in Chamber office.
  • Business referrals.
  • Community Calendar-list of yearly events and monthly happenings.
  • Business card rack display available to members.

Business Opportunities

  • Address labels available to members for $10.00.
    Membership Plaque – Identifies your business as a community supporter.
  • Newsletters – Mailing out to 250 businesses quarterly and distributed to 3,200 subscribers of the Sanger
  • Herald
  • Other Benefits
  • Chamber Board at City Council Meetings.
    Discounts on all Events, including Vendor Booth fee.
    Provide business input to local government.
  • Marketing Sanger – Industrial – Retail – Agriculture.
  • Tax deductible membership as a business expense – consult your tax advisor.
  • Certificates of Origin available to members at no charge

What Does My Investment In The Chamber of Commerce Get Me?


  1. Your Investment helps the Chamber to be sure that there is individual incentive, initiative and freedom, and to be sure that the political, social or economic needs of the people within the community are met.
  2. Your Investment gives you a new business partner or a department of you business with top-flight business and professional men and women providing voluntary and willing committee or task force service-people like yourself.
  3. Your Investment gives you another pair of eyes. Eyes of specialized observers who maintain a watch on legislation which affects every citizen of the community, and watching to be sure the “life quality” of the area is maintained.
  4. Your Investment gives you another voice – a “down to earth” voice of business, presenting YOUR views on legislation, taxes, employment, trade, transportation – and many other issues.
  5. Your Investment gives you another pair of hands doing research, preparing letters, developing information, preparing publications, folders and pamphlets and telling the story of YOUR market, and YOUR area.
  6. Your Investment gives you an additional sales office. The staff and membership of the Chamber working as a voluntary group, tells the REAL story for your community. They sell as they present facts and figures to potential new residents and businesses.
  7. Your Investment gives you a front office. The Chamber is a place where visitors gain their first impression of the soundness, and the hospitality of the community.
  8. Your Investment helps the Chamber to be a central clearing house for community thought and action.
  9. Your Investment enables the Chamber to help political leaders in every way possible to streamline and modernize local government machinery, and to assist government in its efforts to provide the necessary framework for community development.
  10. Your Investment helps the Chamber carry out its yearly Program-of-Work.
  11. Your Investment helps the Chamber preserve and to strengthen the private enterprise economic system.
  12. Your Investment helps to keep the Chamber working in the right areas to benefit your business.
  13. Your Investment means the Chamber has the opportunity to do more and better things to help your business profit and examine new needs of the business community and expand our efforts in economic development and economic understanding.
  14. Your Investment gives YOU the opportunity to let your feelings be known and get involved. The Chamber is active in many areas and your interests will probably fall in one of these areas.
  15. Your Investment gives you a “business stake” in the community.
  16. Your Investment is “plowed back” to yield manifold benefits in new industries, increase payrolls, health-protection and safety legislation, business protection and community advancement.
  17. Your Investment allows you to discharge your obligations to the community in which you live and earn a living, because everyone owes a debt of personal service to the community that cannot be paid-off in taxes.
  18. Your Investment helps the Chamber protect and advance business through its broad program of work. This can only be done with your personal help and support.
  19. Your Investment helps the Chamber unify the public spirit of our community and directs it into useful and constructive channels.
  20. Your Investment helps the Chamber to create and express sound opinions on questions affecting the welfare of the whole community.
  21. Your Investment helps the Chamber compete with other communities for new businesses and industries and payrolls.
  22. Your Investment enables the Chamber to be a central over-all, voluntary organization and play a vital and essential role in the community’s progress.
  23. Your Investment allows you and other members on the Chamber of Commerce Team to make our community the kind of place you want it to be.
  24. Your Investment supports the Chamber’s role as a vehicle through which community problems may be identified and attacked, problems that defy solution by individual effort.